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Complementary Colors

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Cultural Fan Fiction


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  • Illustration,
  • Environmental

Illustrious Insurance

Less Is Yes


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Getting Lit-erature


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  • Animation

Amazon's Darling of Audiobooks

Care Everywhere


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  • Campaign Design

Care Everywhere

The Dewberry

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  • Environmental,
  • Photography

Southern Modernism

Meds Made Easy


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  • Illustration,
  • Campaign Design

Meds Made Easy

25 August 2021

studio Say Hello, Nat Thomas!

We're excited to welcome Nat to the green team! Fresh out of Wash U. in St. Louis, check out their superb work here and watch out for it on the Franklyn feed...

4 August 2021

events Let’s Jungle Boogie

What's Marz Is Yours! Meet the new Jungle Boogie brew, making moves and on shelves in September. New can, new leopard.

6 July 2021

features Drumpf Magazine

Part collection of political cartoons part typographic experimentation, 'Drumpf' is a self-published, seriously-silly mag made by our creative director, Michael Freimuth, inspired by Naomi Klein's No Is Not Enough and wrapped in a zine format.

1 April 2021

studio Gabriel Ribes Joins Us!

Rockstar Designer alert. Happy to have this formidable talent join the crew at Franklyn!

18 November 2020

features New York Knicks

Fake project real fun. During the pandemic we created a faux rebrand of our hometown team, The New York Knicks, as a way to stay inspired. This is the first of a number of 'directions' we created, the rest to drop this summer. Stay tuned.

31 March 2021

events AIGA Wash U. Michael Freimuth

Our Creative Director (virtually) shared Franklyn's process and work with the AIGA chapter at Washington University in St. Louis. We touched on Marz Brewing, finding your weirdos and the future of branding.

7 April 2021

events Ensemble Launches

Never settle, order better. The new, curated pick-up and delivery platform launches in Maryland and we couldn't be more psyched (or hungry). Download the Ensemble app if you're in the area and dig in.

5 October 2020

studio Eric Brown Joins Us!

Our new best friend and Senior Account Manager, Eric Brown joins the green team! Take it from us, we're lucky to have this gentleman.

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