To champion their workplace principles, Amazon's darling of all things audio needed an internal visual expression.

  • Environmental,
  • Animation

Audible has a rich history of innovation and industry leadership in tapping the power of the spoken word. Deeply invested in their local community of Newark, New Jersey, the company also seeks to provide positive impact for the people and places they live within. With Silicon Alley across the river in Manhattan, Audible needed to better articulate and project their innovative heritage, future-facing endeavors and enriching company culture to woo and retain the best and brightest employees.

Franklyn worked closely with the Audible Internal Brand team to translate the company's values, The People Principles, across a wide range of physical, environmental, digital and motion-based collateral – ultimately crafting an identity system that clearly communicates the ethos and approach the company takes in all things.

Design System

Built from the company’s core values, Audible’s five People Principles combine the ambient, graphic elements derived the brand ‘chevron,’ our primary scripted logomark and a simple, modernist typographic support system.


The People Principles were brought to life across, print, digital and environmental applications – from immersive digital treatments and wheat-paste posters to stickers, zines and swag.

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