Complementary Colors

A contemporary production company, Complementary Colors needed an identity at the collision of culture.

  • Brand Identity,
  • Animation,
  • Collateral

Complementary Colors creates content that captures the collision of identity and culture in both entertaining and moving ways. Founded by Jonah Disend, who started his career in the theater as a producer and director and then took an 18-year detour as the founder of Redscout – helping define new futures for media, technology and pop-culture brands. Complementary Colors brings together both his worlds, and Franklyn was asked to help craft the collision. Franklyn was tasked with building an iconic identity to both distill the brand premise and serve as a platform for a broad and expressive collection of studio projects – the result is as colorful as the name suggests.

The Story of Two C’s

Complementary Colors is an insight-driven studio whose productions often focus on radically contrasting ideas that reveal surprising commonalities. To bring this idea to life visually, we created a dynamic system of colorful “C” letterforms that move, collide and overlap – creating moments of brilliant white “insight.”

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