Closing out the most successful year of their 250 year history, Christie’s came to us looking for an annual report worthy of the art it showcased.

  • Publication Design,
  • Art Direction

2022 was Christies’ most successful year in auction history. Looking to bring that story to life, the world-renowned auction house came to us for a curated and beautifully crafted book showcasing 22 exceptional stories from 2022.

From DJ Kool Herc’s sound system to 19th century revolutionary war paintings, the anthology showcases an impressive depth and variety across categories. We breathed life into each piece, with a custom design approach that honored the uniqueness of every item. An exercise in restrained design—we built a unified system that delicately balanced a modern sophistication and classic elegance, catering to an audience that spans both seasoned collectors and emerging enthusiasts. As design nerds and lovers of print, the task was a refreshing return to our roots in an increasingly digital landscape.

Our collaboration was also a feat of project management—navigating the complexities of multiple stakeholders and creative teams on a tight timeline with ever-changing inputs.