Helping families navigate mental health together, Fort provides a warm embrace to children and parents alike.

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A digital clinic focused on building stronger relationships between parents and children, Fort was created to counter what the American Academy of Pediatrics has declared as a National State of Emergency in children’s mental health. The all-in-one digital clinic connects families, resources and experts to give kids the best chance of taking on their biggest challenges.

Franklyn crafted a brand and communication system that thoughtfully engages parents while easily relating to children and young people. The identity seeks to personify the journey that families undertake together to get to better mental health outcomes – tapping a warm, nostalgic feel inspired by the name itself, and balancing it with a flexible, language-driven system that lets the brand communicate across many levels and age groups. The result is an organization that looks and feels like what is actually is – an approachable, trustworthy and eminently helpful partner committed to helping families through difficult times.

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The Platform

A digital-first company, Fort's online clinic is built for the web but the brand is crafted to feel as tangible and touchable as a digital experience can be. The visual identity leans into a graphic language that feels warm, expressive and made with kids in mind.

Out Of Home

Fort plants a literal and figurative flag in the mental health world. The brand is bold where it needs to be but soft at specific times, allowing a nuanced approach to communication that mixes a range of messages with a flexible system of brand visuals, shapes and patterns.


As digital as the day to day brand is, it was important that parents and children had take-homes and keepsakes that embodied the warmth and intention behind Fort – namely, providing healthy support and empowering families. This small but growing collection of artifacts seeks to fill in some gaps and warm healing hearts.

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