Away F.A.R.

To develop a brand system for their new all-conditions product line, travel darlings Away came to us for an outsider’s perspective.

  • Brand Identity,
  • Packaging,
  • Collateral

With the pandemic further underlining an already emergent trend towards outdoor travel, Away saw an opportunity to grow their business by addressing this market shift. Enter For All Routes (aka. F.A.R.), a line of functional gear that brings the brand’s inventive eye to more rugged terrain.

After debating the relationship between this new venture and the Away brand, the decision was made to keep it tight and leverage the power of the parent. Although Away was best known for its rigid rectangular suitcases stamped with a similarly rigid rectangular logo, F.A.R. products would focus on flexibility.

Applying this trait to the branding, we stretched the Away mark into a searchlight-like form that speaks to exploration and provides a dynamic container for product and lifestyle imagery. We extended this flexibility to the physical product by using existing brand elements in a more expressive way than the brand’s do’s and don’ts would previously allow. The result is an exciting departure that still feels at home with the highly successful brand it’s built upon (as well as the debut of a new color lovingly known as Atomic Celery).

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