Building on their bedding empire, D2C star Brooklinen wanted to extend their reach to what’s beneath their sheets.

  • Brand Identity,
  • Photography,
  • Illustration

Already a direct-to-consumer success story in the realm of bedding, Brooklinen saw an opportunity to build a bigger business by building a better pillow. The visual identity leverages our strategy of ‘The People’s Pillow’ – that there are many different types of sleepers and Marlow works best for the most. A simple yet expressive illustration style allows the brand to showcase a diversity of sleeping styles and, when appropriate, venture into the world of whimsy. With a wordmark and color palette that carefully balance modernity and nostalgia, the brand is appealing to anyone in search of good sleep, whether young or old.

Peruse these early reviews and pillow talk here.

The People's Pillow

Marlow comes to life via an expansive world of illustration born out of showing how every type of sleeper gets their rest. The whimsical style allows for flexible storytelling, helping the brand communicate as diversely as out of home advertising to instructional product information.

Image Making

We worked closely with Nicole Mason and her talented team to produce a collection of our favorite pillow people. From capturing the early riser to the night owl as well as showcasing the pillow's best parts, this warm imagery enhances and complements all other aspects of the brand.

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