NY Knicks

Fake project, real fun. We crafted a faux-rebrand of our favorite hometown team, The New York Knicks.

  • Animation,
  • Brand Identity,
  • Collateral

This direction is all about emotion. We wanted to strike a chord for our favorite NBA team, as well as our favorite city. Performance on the court drives the organization’s success — but having an identity that just screams and bounces (and begs to be put on merch) doesn’t hurt either. We’re playing with the beginnings of a design system that’s intended to be high energy, optimistic, irreverent — and easy to rally around.

An Iconic ‘K’

The cornerstone of the design is the iconic and aggressive capital ‘K’ — inspired by neo–deco New York, we cuild from there by crafting a partial character set with Roxaboxen Studio, and then developing additional pattern graphic and typographic support around the marks.

  • Creative Direction & Design Michael Freimuth
  • 3D Animation Donnie Bauer