Bringing new meaning to sweat equity, this entrepreneur believes that the healing power of sauna isn’t just a bunch of hot air.

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  • Animation,
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Framework is a new brick and mortar wellness concept built around the health benefits of contrast therapy. Inspired by his own journey of rejuvenation after a fast-paced career in tech, Framework's founder sought to create a brand that cuts through the noise of fitness trends and elevates the simple practice of traditional Nordic sauna and cold plunge from a one-off treatment into a routine practice.

Highlighting the radical simplicity of contrast therapy's fundamental elements—hot air and cold water—the brand employs immersive, temperature-inspired gradients that bring the experience to life. The brand strikes a balance between approachability and intellect, creating an inviting environment that communicates the science behind sauna in a simple and straightforward way. Click here to visit their Nashville flagship.