The Buddy System

The parent brand with too many kids to count, The Buddy System blends community and commerce (and crazy).

  • Brand Identity,
  • Photography,
  • Campaign Design

Say hello to an extremely unconventional ecosystem of businesses, non-profits, publications, products and people working together towards a community-driven future. Redefining the concept of a 'parent' brand, we crafted the identity and launch campaign for The Buddy System with a photographic fist bump from Scottie Cameron. This hot orange and hand-y brand identity helps tell the collaborative story of almost two dozen arts and culture-driven ventures supporting and inspiring one another. The Marz Community Brewing Co., Public Media Institute, Kimski, Pizza Fried Chicken Ice Cream, Life On Marz Community Club, and Lumpen TV are just a few to get to know.

Make new friends with all of our buddies right here.

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